Fight Song

Fight Song

by Rachel Platten

Like a small boat
On the ocean
Sending big waves
Into motion
Like how a single word
Can make a heart open
I might only have one match
But I can make an explosion

And all those things I didn’t say
Wrecking balls inside my brain
I will scream them loud tonight
Can you hear my voice this time

This is my fight song
Take back my life song
Prove I’m alright song
My power’s turned on
(Starting right now) I’ll be strong
I’ll play my fight song
And I don’t really care if nobody else believes
‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me

Losing friends and I’m chasing sleep
Everybody’s worried about me
In too deep
Say I’m in too deep (I’m in too deep)
And it’s been two years
I miss my home
But there’s a fire burning in my bones
And I still believe
Yeah I still believe

And all those things I didn’t say
Wrecking balls inside my brain
I will scream them loud tonight
Can you hear my voice this time

This is my fight song
Take back my life song
Prove I’m alright song
My power’s turned on
(Starting right now) I’ll be strong
I’ll play my fight song
And I don’t really care if nobody else believes
‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me

A lot of fight left in me

Like a small boat
On the ocean
Sending big waves
Into motion
Like how a single word
Can make a heart open
I might only have one match
But I can make an explosion

This is my fight song
Take back my life song
Prove I’m alright song
My power’s turned on
(Starting right now) I’ll be strong
I’ll play my fight song
And I don’t really care if nobody else believes
‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me

Now I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me

  • Meaning/ message: this song talk about someone who inspired to fight for theirself when they never had before.
  1. Like a small boat
    On the ocean
    Sending big waves
    Into motion
    Like how a single word
    Can make a heart open
    I might only have one match
    But I can make an explosion

the first part of this song tell us about human is weak like the one in defying on the first and second line. this part tell us we must remain humble and confident and sure there must be something talent inside ourselves.

2. And all those things I didn’t say
Wrecking balls inside my brain
I will scream them loud tonight
Can you hear my voice this time

this part tell us about we sometimes felt less confident even we ashamed of ourselves. too listened people talking about our weakness. in this part we shouldn’t listen what people said about our weakness we must develop our talent and prove to people around us.

3.This is my fight song
Take back my life song
Prove I’m alright song
My power’s turned on
(Starting right now) I’ll be strong
I’ll play my fight song
And I don’t really care if nobody else believes
‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me

the lyrics tell us about that intentions will surely make our lives positive.That we are trying to stay strong and kept ourself. we must prove that we alright and really don’t care about people who judge me, don’t believe someone else easily. we must believe ourself and said “yes, we can!”.

  • Writer/ singer: Rachel Platten, Jon Levine and Dave Bassett/ Rachel Platten.
  • Yourself : This song  was written as a declaration that someone going to believe in herself no matter what, she didn’t give up at every situations and hold a principle of herself. This song make me so spirit and undoubted to chose something. And i think people talked about our weakness isn’t important.
  • Moral Value: we may not to listened about what people said we must trust ourself and sure that something there was meaning for our life.
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Dewa Athena

Dewa athena was the event has huge numbers of the race, this event is held by the school. Many race with a lot of sense. this event held on 10th march. 

On tuesday, there is technical meeting that must be attended by at least one person from each of their class. And also announced that each class have to have 2 people representatives who will become sportman and sportwoman during the event. who was selected in my class is rania as sportwoman and akbar as sportman. and then, they must take a picture and send their photo to official account of dewa athena on line.
On the day, the event was held in Bali’s field, is an event that we look forward together. Already impatient it is likely to be fought and support their class. We must support our class and rousing since the committee will choose best supporter. The opening ceremony was carried out exactly at am 06.30 . No more late because it absentee and replaced sports. During the opening we should use our jersey class because there will be marathon around SMAN 3 Bandung. In this event we have to prove spirit and sportive.

There is a rules in Dewa Athena.


 1 .To that follows game is obliged to come 5 minutes before the start.

2 .If they show more 10 minutes from rundown determined. Classes will in walk out or disqualified. A fine wo is Rp200.000,00 to the opposing team.
On the first day of Dewa Athena, there is so many race such as soccer, volley ball, basketball, dodge ball, estafet. My class won a lot of a race on the first day, the first day was glorious and very busy. Any of a class inspirit their class while playing on the race. The most fiercely held when i saw my friend played volley ball,  score between my class and the opposing very little difference. My friend and i was very happy because there is a lot of games we could win. Many people giving congratulations to my class of victory. We hope we can win a lot of games again like this day. Thank god the first day already run well. Congratulations to the winning team because have the right to continue to the next round. For the less fortunate fixed spirit and do not wring our hands in despair i see. 

On the second day, A game played same as game on the day yesterday, Today events unattractive than on the day yesterday because are many class fallen and cannot take this session again. But is still felt euphoria of this event. in this day, There are several games we win as there were also we lose. But we not sad we will continue to support class we are to be the best.

On the third day, it must be tired, we lose a lot of games on this day, it is ok. We have been trying and passion for this event. The important thing is not winning or losing , but appreciate each other and supports is the point important of this event. 



“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard” – Kevin Durant

Better Future

Education is too important. Ignorance isn’t tolerated. we can learn a lot of knowledge from many access like a book, internet, discuss with teacher. you can learn everything that you want. Many a times, people don’t realise how big an advantage it is to have parents who know the value of education and who can teach you. learn as much as you can, take an advantage of education. Knowledge is important and i will never stop trying to be part of the human understanding.

 Like what was said by Henry Brougham “Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern but impossible to enslave.” Many people thought that school was stressed them out, they tired of school but they have goals in their life. School taught me a lot of things because of that we need to make school to be our first priority. In the future you will realize how important education for us to handle life, to make a better future we have to realize the importance of lessons. Like we study science at school is very useful, you can learn about living things, environment, and you can learn about ourself. 

Education nowadays, Education system is very different than before, technology help us to learn better and faster we can get information. But internet has negative impact and positive impact. many people used internet looked for a negative thing, even though internet have a lot of advantages it is like you can searching many information about education in Indonesia, you can searching about scholarship and many more.

back then, teacher play important role in education. But now, people can learn anything from the internet so the teachers role is decreased a lot. People equating education to exam is one of the reasons, For the better future of education there is keys to chased future success, that is: 

1. Indonesia has a purpose not only teach the students to clever in class but to make the students to become a better person, can’t express how much better life would be if people were upfront with their feelings and you could know their intentions with you right away.

2. Dreams and intention was the beginning of everything , dream of dare to grow myself and trying hard is the key to a brighter future.

3. Education aims to the students potential to be people who believe and fear god.

4. Develop the talent individual by personal satisfaction and for public.

Different between education now and then:


a. a child, teenager or young adult, stops being a student after graduation.

b. Learns in a classroom, in a bulding

c. Attends school at a set time, on set days, for a set number of months
d. Sits in a desk, listens to a teacher/expert, absorbs and repeats 
e. Gets assessed and evaluated every so often using tests and assignments, gets grades.


a. a lifelong learner

b. learns anywhere

c. keeps learning all year round, including after hours
d. Uses hand on, inquiry based activities, takes responsibility for own learning, teacher is more a faciliator. 

e. Gets assessed and evaluated using a wide variety of tools and methods, gets feedback from both teacher and other learners.

My holiday

My last holiday, i was visited Malaysia with my father for a hundred times, and we went by plane at 9 am. i met a person that looks like my friend, when i look at him but I realized he was looking at me first and stared me likes his eyes is never stop looked at me and than i ignore him, when i’m going to check in at airport, I’m suprised because the man how look at me before suddenly he stand beside me. suddenly he disappear from my view, after i finished check in, i walked into immigration and then check my passport and allowed me to go to terminal, and then my father told me go to a lounge and we went there. after that, i went a boarding room and i saw him, i know he is walking in front of me and when he looked at back he realized that i was walking behind him, and he started to walk slower than me. and then i entered the plane, my father wants find out who is he actually, and the funny thing is my father came a cross the seats and talked to the guy, he asked the guy like what’s your name and what school did you go, and he like I don’t know who is daughter. We spent in there for four days. 
On the first day, that was the bad day for me because my glasses was broken, and i bought it at shopping center at the station. i was visited my home at Sungai Buloh.
Second day, i visited Midvalley 

Majid’s Saturday Night

Majid’s Saturday Night”regina’s spicy family’
scene 1

regina: “wait…wait, add this to make it tastes better.”

(pouring some chillis)

regina: “give it a try, this is jalapeno.”

regina: “the spiciest chili in South America.”
scene 2

majid: “i just knew that Regina, my new girl, loves eating chillies.”

majid: “i can handle spicy food. if i swallow it directly. the thing is Regina has an Olympic grade taste buds when we eat together, she will add chillies at all kinds of food. ALL KINDS.”
scene 3

majid: “taste good, right?”

regina: “it will taste even better if you add chillies.”

majid: “but it’s ice..cream..”

(pour sauce on ice cream)
scene 4

majid: “Even though Regina like spicy and i dont. But all those differences make things beautiful between us, i think…”
scene 5

Majid: “Bro, which one is the good side and which one is the bad side?”

Tiara: “Dude! this is a football match.”

Majid: “Where were you, sela?”

Sela: “I was with Maemunah, Mas. We will sell a thing that will sell a lot like fried peanuts.”

Tiara&Majid: “What’s that?”

Sela: “Fried peanuts. This is different from regular fried peanuts. it’s spicy and has levels.”

Majid: “i dont like spicy.”

(text message ringtone)

Majid: “Aduh, this Saturday night I am invited to have dinner in Regina’s house with her father.”

Tiara: “Bro, are you complaining or showing it off?”

Majid: “You’ve got to know that Regina’s father enjoys spicy food more than her daughter. They are family of chili!”

Tiara: “Family of chili?”

(dancing with chili costume)

Majid: “When her father finds out that i hate spicy food, it means that i can’t see Regina ever again.”

Tiara: “How much do you like Regina?”

Majid: “i like her so much.”

Tiara: “Okay, you have three days and i’ll train you so you can eat spicy food in front of her.”

Majid: “Do you know how to train people?”
Scene 6

Tiara: “My long time dream since i was a boy is to be a fashion designer, her stylist, flight attendant, and the last one to become a coach.”

Tiara: “Coaching is an easy job for me, lesson one: you have to start the training as early as possible
Scene 7

Sela: “Do you have Brazilian tomatoes?”

Dewi: “Yes”

Dewi: “Where is the owner of the house? Are they still sleeping?”

(Majid’s screaming)

Sela: “That’s his voice. He just woke up.”

(training is started)

Majid: “Bro, one second. I think you should turn off the music.”

Tiara: “You’re right.”
Namira: “Hi dear, I heard Majid is having a crush on a girl who likes spicy very much. Is that true?”

Sela: “yeah, it is. but unfortunately majid cant stand any spicy food”

Namira: “Well, please give him this mouthwash.”

Sela: “what? mouthwash you said?”
Scene 8

Majid: “It’s Friday and i think that i have some progress. Now i can eat The bird’s eye chili. The stem actually.”

(eating peanuts)

Majid: “What the heck is this? it’s spicy and then salty but sour too. What is this?”

Sela: “it is supposed to be salty, sour, spicy, ..but not sweet.”

Majid: “Why is there no sweet flavour?”

Sela: “Because the only sweet thing is you.”

Sela: “This will be sold to those who are still in the process of approaching the girl.”

Majid: “Do you wanna try some?”

Tiara: “Nah i dont like spicy either.”

Majid: “Why did you train me then if you hate spicy too?”

Sela: “Neither do i”

Tiara: “You sell those peanuts but you hate spicy things? How do you taste the peanuts?

Sela: “I use Dewi’s mouthwash.”

Tiara: “You said mouthwash?”

Sela: “Yes, by using the mouthwash, you’ll be able to handle any kind of spicy food. No matter what.”

Majid: “Really?”
Scene 9 


Naafi: “So…you are close to my daughter?”

Majid: “Yes, I am sir.”

Naafi: “Do you like spicy food?”

Majid: “Yes i am trying, sir.”

Naafi: “Try it!”

Naafi: “Be careful, i made the chili myself and it is famously known for its spiciness.”

(continue eating)
Scene 10

Tiara: “I hope Majid can control himself.”

Sela: “Control himself?”

Tiara: “Since he has used the mouthwash, he wants to show it off to regina. I’m afraid that he will continue eating chilies just to impress Regina’s father.”

Sela: “Don’t say that, mas Majid is not that type of person.”
Scene 11

(eating vigorously)

Majid: “I have finished eating the chili, sir.”

Tiara: “Sela, what happened?”

Sela: “I ate too much spicy food this afternoon. I admit it was really helpful after using the mouthwash, your tongue went numb. However the stomach didnt go numb. Luckily, i just ate a little so it doesn’t hurt that bad. I cant imagine if i 

ate it a lot.”
Scene 12

Naafi: “Majid.. listen job has a lot of challenges.”

(phone ringing)

Majid: “One moment sir. Hey what’s up dude?”

Tiara: “Dont eat too much chilies. Sela has an awful stomachache. It will be bad for you if you had one there.”

Majid: “Really? i dont feel.. (stomach growling) too late dude!”

Majid: “Regina, where’s the restroom?”

Regina: “Just go straight and the door on your right”

Majid: “Excuse me sir”
Scene 13 


Tiara: “Hallo?”

(Majid is screaming)

Majid: “Bro, it is an emergency man!”

Tiara: “What’s up? Diarrhea?”

Majid: “Here it’s like a volcano is erupting, man! Dude help me! Get me to the ER! GET ME TO THE ER!”

Tiara: “Sela! Sela!”

Sela: “Yes?”

Tiara: “Majid’s got a terrible diarrhea. You must be responsible! Take my car keys and bring your medicine.”
Scene 14

Regina: “Why do you like so pale?”

Majid: “I’m fine.”

Regina: “Are you okay?”

Majid: “I’m okay.”

Regina: “Really?”

Naafi: “Why are you sweating a lot?”

Majid: “I’m okay sir.”

Naafi: “Okay then, where were we? So i work in a pharmacy. I’m in… What’s with the face? Why do you look angry?”

Majid: “I’m not angry sir.”

Naafi: “So?”
Scene 15

(Sela’s got hiccup)

Tiara: “Why are you hiccuping?”

Sela: “I don’t know either.”

Tiara: “Hold your breath.”

(Sela’s fainting)

Tiara: “Hey! Not too long!”

(Still hiccuping)

Naafi: “How long have you known Majid? I think Majid is still upset with me.”

Regina: “Perhaps he once had some issues with pharmaceutical people.”

Naafi: “Ooh, So that’s the problem. Actually, i think i’m starting to like Majid. He seems nice.”
Scene 16

Tiara: “Good evening, sir! 

Naafi: “Evening!”

Tiara: “can we see Majid, sir?”

Naafi: “Yes you can. Are you his friend?”

Tiara: “Yes sir and we have to pick him up.”

(Sela is hiccuping again)

Sela: “Hello, Mr. Tedjo.”

Tiara: “Sir, you know sela?”

Naafi: “Yes of course. Pharmacy where i work for is selling mouthwash to you and… Who’s that girlfriend of yours?l

Sela: “Namira, sir.”

Naafi: “Namira!”

Sela: “She is not my girlfriend sir. She still can’t forget her ex.”

Naafi: “Why are telling me this?”

Sela: “One thing sir, why after i used the mouthwash, i get hiccups?”

Naafi: “Oh! That’s the side of effect to the mouthwash, so if you cant eat spicy food, don’t depend on medication to help you. You can’t call yourself a man if you can’t eat spicy food.”

Majid: Sir, i think i have to go home.”

Naafi: “Oh Okay, please visit us so we can eat together again some othertime.”

(Majid starts hiccuping) (Sela starts hiccuping again).

Majid: “Why are we….”

(Naafi starts hiccuping)
•••THE END•••

City Tour!

City Tour! (Kuala Lumpur)
first of all i would like to describe a place that i have visited in Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur is the one of the beautiful city in Malaysia,  People of Malaysia, we can called them ‘Melayu’ is very friendlinessand always sharing or helping each other. There is so many places that i have visited in here, Malaysia have many interesting place to see. 

2 months ago, my father and I went to Malaysia by plane, it was took us 2 hours from Bandung to Kuala Lumpur. We were there for three days. We arrived at Malaysia Airport at 6 p.m. From the Airport, we went to Sungai Buloh for slept. And we also had dinner and bought some food in Malaysia Restaurant, i really love malaysia cuisine such as kedai mama’s food, palak paneer is like curry mix with fresh spinach, in Malaysia there were many a lot of food destination and you must try it! You can regret if you didnt tasted the food, i can gain weight in here, my father always tell me to eat.



On the first day, we went to OU Mall it is located in nearest Kuala Lumpur. We met our part of family member and her name is Molly, Molly is like my sister because we were very close and she was take care of me. Molly was beautiful girl with her long hair and very nice body. She said to me that she was glad to see me, long time no see. We have lunch in Subway, it was on of my favourites fast food hahaha. I excited when my father brought me a present, wrapped by paper and im very excited to open that. i opened. and you know what?! my father bought me a new phone, and he told me to keep this phone, and i was glad to accept a present. I was shocked because i want it. After that, we had dinner at TGIF restaurant, it is full of meat. i really loved steak. And then, we back home to Sungai Buloh especially at Sunway Rahman Putra. Sometimes the traffic jam happened in here. we had gone to home after we ate in TGIF restaurant. Molly stayed in here with me she share her experience studied in here. She asked me “How are you getting on at school?” and i said “I’m getting on well” She advised me to work hard and she said to me “you must concentrate on study” and i said “I thank you for your advice”.


On the second day, we went to down town there are government building, coffee house, departement store, confectionary, drug store, elementary school, and college. there is so many pedestrian in here, it was different from indonesia, when i was in taxi cab.Stand suddenly i heard people shouting, we were all shocked and i know there was traffic accident, i didn’t want to see that, the crowd was looking at the accident.  

After that, we went to KLCC it is a mall in center of city, the reason why i went to mall because there was big sale. it was more crowded than usual days. After that, we went to OU mall again because i want to buy souvenirs for relatives and my friends, there were so many sellers who sold many kinds of food. And we dont forget to eat a typical food of Malaysia.


third day, we went to Genting highland were located far away from Kuala Lumpur, we went there by car it was took 2-3 hours, it was windly and i asked “how many degrees? it was cold” molly didn’t answer my question, but she told me “this is Mountains region”. Genting Highland have a good natural view, in here there is a huge casino place, theme park, genting skyway is a cable car, 22 hotels for example there are: Hotel Genting, Hotel Highland, Awana Genting and many more, i was spent a night at Hotel First World, it has many room. we were played at theme park, for the first time i ate kitkat ice cream that didn’t exist in Indonesia, the tasted was very sweet and made us want it more and more, not only kitkat but also there were milo icecream, snickers icecream very recommended. and i had lunch in Kenny rogers roasters with roast chicken and rice, i was happy in here.Then we played again, there were rollercoster, giant swing, and many more. “what time is it now?” molly asked “oh my god, it’s exactly eight, we have go to back to room right now”. we were in hurry because it was night. at midnight my father took us to starbucks, i bought ice green tea latte and molly too, it was very cold. 

Last day, in the morning we prepared to Kuala Lumpur and back to Bandung. It was overly hot the heat of the sun made me perspiring. we went to KL Sentral and took our Luggages, and went to airport by car. its time to say goodbye i must leave now, i was very thankful to molly because she took the time to accompany me. We checked in in AirAsia and show all the passport in there. I know it was a short holiday but i hope i can go back soon.  i arrived in Bandung exactly at five o’clock.

My school life

Hello, my name is regina amanda and i want share my expectations about study at 3 senior high school, i’m so excited for the great experiences, i’m going to spend a time with my new friend, i think study at 3 senior high school it takes hard work. i must studying every single day. I thought i can feel i was happy in school and full of memorable moments.

BUT NO! i always got nervous. theres so many competitions. I thought school was boring. i wish monday never come. I dont know how people have times for school, social life and sleep i cant even balance one. i felt tired of school but i have nothing to do in future life if i didn’t study now. there is so many students with amazing brains. Theres so many task and i must work in one by one, step by step. There are so many quiz, and a lot of activities in here. 

first day in school, i met my friend from old school, we talked about this school, my friend afraid to start school life. We follow the activites in here and called as ospek. i met a lot of students from different school with different uniforms, I introduce myself to others people, they are very friendly and kind. 

first day in class, we have to introduce ourselves and played several games, my class is located in third floor, X IPA 8 yap thats my classroom, i have talked with my new classmate, and i met again my old friend arina from elementary school, im very happy because long time no see her. my classmates very unique and fun, i can laugh together in here, and my school life more fun than before.


At least i loved my school life now. Now my life consists of school, homework, and sleep. in here, i have many friends and they helped me a lot of in academics. i hope i can made a memories, made friends for my life, support me a lot, and trying new things. 

I was so happy because i found a new friend, they really kind, they understand and encourage me, we all learn together, my class is like family, thanks god i found them. i cant imagine my school life without my crazy friends. Sometimes i feel my life is boring because my life cycle only sleep, study, sleep, study but my friends always help me to enjoy my school life.


my mother always encouraged me, she was asking all about how i am doing in here. I hope i can made achievement in here. 



My best friend rania, tiara shania, tiara pradipta and almi always made my life fun, we always share our memories and stories, we always studying together. There are 39 students in classroom but we loss 3 students they are sahabat adi, rifasya and giani who moving class to social class. and we have ardian as chairman and majid as chairman too. 

We have Bu Indra, Bu wiwin, Pa Sapto, Pa hera, Pa Agus, Bu Dewi, Bu Fitri, Pa Roy and others who teach us about a lesson, who teach us about characters, who teach us about an important of time, who teach us about appreciated other people. im very thankful. i wish i can enjoyed in 3 senior high school, i really love study in here.

Knowledge is power but character is more

Guess who?

Guess who?
she is my classmate, she comes from an educated family, her parents are doctor, i first met her at 3 senior high school. she has a long hair, she has a good manners too. she always does her homework, she is smart and has oval face, she is kind, she is helpful. she wears a glasses, she has black hair, she has a thin body, she is not too tall, she is very sassy and lively. She is good looking. She has a white skin and brown eyes. she ks fifteen years old. she is always inspires me to work harder. she is always cheerful and also talkative, she is always share her feelings to me. 

her hobbies are reading a book and watching drama. her favourite food is cake, she like science very much, she wants to be a doctor, she helped me several times about lessons. 

Her favourite boyband in korea is EXO. She likes their music, dance, and all about them. I’m really glad to have a best friend like her. 

she has got a good sense of style, i give two thumbs for her hahaha. she always help her mother everyday and she never give up for everything. i think no one else in the world like her haha

Friendship is not a lesson you can learn in the school. But you have not learned anything if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship


Regina : “Hi Rania, Happy Birthday wish you all the best, and this is for you!” Rania : “Thankyou for coming to my birthday party” Regina : “I hope you like it! you look beautiful today!” Rania : “Thankyou Regina, your dress is really terrific.”…

My friend



Let me introduce my friend

She is my chairmate and she is a good girl i thought, her name is Rania Ramadha, she has a long hair, brown eyes, oval face, white skin, skinny body, not too tall and very smart. she wears a purple colored glasses. she live in prv a-118 Bandung, she was born in Bandung on 22nd december 1999 she the first child and she is fifteen years old, same with me but she is older than me a few months. She is the first child and she has two younger sister, her sister is still studying in kindergarten. now, she is a student at 3 senior high school and she is a part members of X IPA 8. her hobbies are reading a book and watching drama. she could spend her holiday for watching a few dramas and a lot of variety show, we loved food and always culinary everyweek, our favorites spot is Brussels Spring where located at Kalimantan street, we like pasta very much, yes thats why i chose Brussels Spring is a place that we love because it has a lot of types of pasta that we can eat, and it is very comfortable. her favourite food is cake and ice cream. She likes sweet food, but also chips and she likes spicy food it is different with me who doesnt like spicy food. She ate many type of cake such as cheese cake, brownies, blueberry cake, blackforest and others. She can made a various of recipes. We have a lot of similarity. She likes all subjects especially she likes Biology very much because she wants to build a huge hospital in Indonesia and Sometimes  she likes math but if She can’t solve the question She don’t like it anymore. she wants to be a doctor like her parents.  

Her favourite boyband in korea is EXO. She likes their music, dance, and all about them 😉. She like Kai. He is the dancer and the singer in EXO. She was watch all of their reality show. On weekend, if She don’t have any activity She usually watch Korean drama. Like this weekend she is watching Who Are You School: 2015. Her favourite actor in this drama is Sungjae. He is the member of BTOB. she wants to be stay in korea and spend her life in there. She loved korea because korea has a lot of various healthy food with delicious taste. Seoul is our favorites city ever. 


She doesn’t have any pet because She don’t really like to take care of them. But when She was in elementary school She has many rabbits. We join same extracurriculer that is foster, in Sman 3 Bandung it is named of Softball team, she likes playing music, her voice is very good she can sing high notes and also she has join MK3 or classical music team in sman 3 bandung. We always sharing our stories, helping and take care each other. the first time i met her at class its feel like i meet again with my old friend although we dont know each other, she always listening my story and give me several advice and she always share her feelings to me, she is always cheerful and also talkative she is very good girl. i’m very glad to meet her in here. I think its enough and i hope i can be her best friend and also always beside her.